Hamill Remaley
Independent Consultant to Funders and Nonprofits




Hello. My name is Michael Hamill Remaley, and I am an independent consultant to funders and nonprofits.

We’ve all worked with consultants who like to come in and tell us their big ideas but don’t really want to be held accountable for project execution and outcomes. But most of the foundation and nonprofit leaders I work with come to the table with an inspired vision and a well-conceived set of objectives. While my clients value the strategic planning skills I bring to every project, they rely on my ability to advance their plans. They need someone who is good at sequencing and prioritizing all of a project’s interdependent parts. Sometimes what you really need is a consultant with broad sectoral knowledge and exceptional communications skills to put in the time and get the job done.  

What do you need?

I bring to the Hamill Remaley consulting practice over 25 years of experience as a leader in philanthropy and nonprofits, concentrating in public policy and communications. The people I work with most often recommend me to other clients because of my knowledge of the sector, deft writing and exceptionally efficient project management. I am most proud of my relationships across the philanthropic, nonprofit, government and business sectors. I bring those relationships to bear as I help organizations build out their ideas with planning that focuses teams on sequencing of activities. I am particularly good at looking ten steps down the line and identifying the obstacles that teams need to consider, and ensuring project outcomes are delivered on time. 

I love working with organizations needing an experienced hand: 

-   Developing new programmatic initiatives

 -   Planning and executing public policy events, conferences, press conferences, panel discussions, and other collaborative learning sessions that bring policymakers, nonprofits and funders together

-   Formulating communications strategies, media relations plans, new online functionality and social media campaigns

-   Writing reports, opinion pieces, speeches and other vehicles to communicate compelling stories, new learning or mission-driven points-of-view.